Probably the best Youth Christian Water Sports Holiday on the Planet!

Need To Know…

What sports are on offer?

We offer a whole host of sports and activities both on and off the water, to keep you busy during the week. On the water we have water sports such as wake-boarding, kayaking and sailing. As we are on deep water, you must be able to swim 50 metres to be able to come to Aquasports, but we do provide all the kit you need to participate safely.

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Is it just watersports?

Most of our sports are on the water (no, really?) but we do offer some “dry” activities for when you have dried off. Out of the water there is ultimate frisbee, football, volleyball, wide games and more. There is plenty to keep you busy!

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What's the food like?

Food at camp is plentiful and delicious, and with two courses at each meal you will have loads of energy for the activities. On the last night we have Posh Nosh, the Aquasports ball, so come ready to party the night away!

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What if I don't know anyone else?

We know it can be daunting to come to camp by yourself, but the team and campers are very welcoming and you will make great friends very quickly. The holiday really has a family feel and everyone looks out for each other.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself. Aquasports supplies all the equipments needed for undertaking the sports, so you just need your clothes for the week. We have a kit list that will help you get started.

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AQUASPORTS is a teenage Christian lakeside water sports activities holiday that’s definitely not to be missed! Based near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, the holiday offers young people from 14 to 19 years of age and of any background, a week of exciting activities – on the water and off.

This amazing camping holiday offers young people the chance to learn and improve in different water sports in a safe environment, taught by qualified instructors, along with chilling out in or by the water. As well as the water sports there are land-based activities such as football, tennis, volleyball and more. Each evening there are challenging talks, small group discussions and ‘Late Night’  – a mad session of interactive entertainment. Alongside this there’s great food and great company – you will never want to go home!

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How the day looks

Your time at Aquasports can be as busy or relaxing as you deem – you decide the pace of the day. We will encourage you to participate in the sports, to get stuck in and have a go at everything.

The day starts with a hearty breakfast to set you up for day to enjoy the sports. Throughout the day sports and activities are on offer on and off the water. You get to choose when and what you do. You may choose to spend the morning… , except for waterskiing when you will be given a slot for your turn. You will be encouraged to…

After the evening meal there is the evening programme, when there are encouraging talks and small group discussions. Then to wind down and relax before heading to bed there is the Late Night Programme (see right) of fun entertainment and games.


Late Night

This late night entertainment session is filled with high energy and lots of ‘audience participation’ which will provide endless laughter! Late Night varies from year to year and evening to evening and can include team quizzes, competitions and more. Not wanting to shift the focus away from Christ (particularly as he is the one who invented humour!) the Late Night session ends with a little ‘God slot’: perhaps an interview, a brief thought or even a bedtime story.

Posh Nosh

At end of the holiday we celebrate the week with Aquasports’ version of the oscars – a posh meal and award ceremony, after which we party the night away. So bring your party clothes and celebrate with us!

A typical Aquasports day

  • 0730 Optional prayer meeting
  • 0815 Breakfast
  • 0915 Morning activities
  • 1230 Lunch
  • 1330 Afternoon activities
  • 1800 Dinner
  • 1930 The Venue and Tent Time
  • 2130 Late Night

Activities on offer

There is a whole host of activities on offer at Aquasports that will keep you from being bored – from water sports to land games and mad evening entertainment. You will make new friends and discover more about yourself as you learn new skills trying out different sports.

Ski Beach



Water-skiing is an exhilarating sport which basically involves being dragged around a lake by a boat on two planks of wood (or one plank if you’re really good). Our instructors will make this a fun experience whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro.



Wake-boarding is an awesome water sport where you are pulled by a boat. Whether you’re a novice or a pro you instantly look a lot cooler than you actually are when you wake-board.



Knee-boarding involves being pulled by a boat whilst kneeling on a board (the clue’s in the name). Having a wider board and a lower centre of gravity make knee-boarding relatively stable meaning you can experiment with tricks more quickly.



They say sharing is caring… Never has that been further from the truth than when you’re being bounced around a lake on an inflatable disk behind a power boat. Have a go with some friends and see who can stay on the longest!

Bondi Beach



Sailing can be tricky to learn, but fear not – our instructors are on hand to help you all the way. Once you’ve mastered it you’ll have a great time taking a boat out on the lake.



Most people don’t like the wind. Not windsurfers – they love it. Come and have a go at this great sport and let the wind power your around the lake.



Whether you’re a beginner and just want to learn how to go in a straight line or want to brush up on tricks our instructors will be able to help you improve. We also run Kayaking trips at certain times during the week for those who like a bit of adventure.



Fancy a bit of a cool down. Why not go for a little paddle… we have part of the lake dedicated to swimming and general mucking around.



Everyone loves having a play around on a pedalo. As with all the sports on offer there are a series of awards you can achieve during the week. The platinum (highest) award in pedalo is notoriously difficult, so if you fancy a challenge give the pedalo awards a go!

Messing around


Come and have a splash around. There is a specific section of the lake for messing around which even has a trampoline.

On Land



There is a large area for playing football. There is also a football tournament that happens every camp for whoever wants to get involved



Well it wouldn’t be a proper water sports holiday without a good game of volleyball. The courts are set up so you can get a match going whenever you like.

Ultimate Frisbee

This is like normal frisbee but much more ultimate. You’ll be surprised how into it you get!



Not sure this one needs much of an explanation. There is plenty of time to chill and enjoy the sun (hopefully) if you want an adrenaline break.

Wide games

Wide games

Wide games are always popular. Previous favourites have included catch the flag and the other one that nobody knows the name of (and is difficult to summarise in a short paragraph – great fun though).

What’s the food like?

Need to Know…

The Crumble Song

(to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory):

Oh, what a lovely crumble,
Oh, what a lovely pud.
Oh, what a lovely crumble,
Tastes like a crumble should.


Oh, what a lovely crumble,
Oh, what a lovely pud.

One thing we know about Aquasports is that you will not go hungry! With a two-course breakfast, lunch and dinner there is plenty to eat – and all freshly cooked by an amazing catering team. With over 120 mouths to feed, they amazingly provide enough for the hungry campers, the hungry team and the hungry team’s children!

Most evenings there are usually three choices, including a vegetarian option. There is always dessert too – and one of the choices is a crumble. This is a real favourite at Aquasports; not only does it taste great, but it brings everyone together in a common love of crumble through the Crumble Song (even if you don’t like crumble) – the “National Anthem” of Aquasports. The picture shows the campers singing the Crumble Song – look how sincere they are!

Example Menu

A range of cereals.
Bacon, sausage and eggy bread.
Toast with jam or marmalade.

Ham and cheese rolls with salad, crisps and fruit.

Mango chicken with cous cous and vegetables.
Banoffee pie.

Vegetarian options are also provided for those who register for these.

FAQs – Everything you need to know

I have heard of Posh Nosh – what is it?

On the last night of camp we have a big party which includes a three course meal, disco and award ceremony. So don’t forget your posh clothes for the last night!

Do I need to have done water sports before coming to camp?

No, we will teach you everything. You just need to be able to swim 50 metres.

What kit do I need?

There is a kit list that will be sent to you before camp and is also available here.

Do I need to bring a tent?

No, we provide tents, but you do need to bring a single person air mattress, blankets, sleeping bag and pillow.

Do I need a wet suit and buoyancy aid/life jacket?

No, we provide all sports and safety equipment. You just need to bring your swimming gear and suitable shoes for the water.

Do I need to be a Christian or linked with a church?

No, but along with the watersports there is an evening programme of a talk with Christian content, followed by a small group discussion session and then a fun time of entertainment.

How is Aquasports governed?

Aquasports is governed by Aquasports Cross Trust. The trustees ensure the camp is run as a charity and that it fulfills its objective of bringing the news of Christ to young people through a watersports holiday. Aquasports is also affiliated to Youth for Christ (YFC) and is one of the Impact Holidays offered by YFC.

Is the camp certified to provide water sports?

Aquasports is certified by the  Adventure Activites Licensing Authority (AALA) and is inspected every three years by them. The camp has fully qualified staff who instruct on each of the sports. Also, all members of team are CRB checked.

Spiritual input

TFTD is a short sharp punchy message shared at the end of breakfast, sometimes following the same topic as the evening ‘Big Issue’ sessions (see tab above), and other times following a specific theme. Examples of previous years’ TFTD themes include the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer and Superheros.

Optional seminars are held over lunch. Lead by different teams, these sessions are designed to be interactive and an open forum for questions and discussion. The seminars cover a range of different subjects including How to live out life as Christian at School and College, Image and Identity, Relationships, What is true worship? and How to read the Bible.

The evening’s main teaching event; it includes a time of contemporary worship and youth focused talks which follow a theme for the whole week. Examples of themes from previous years include Jesus’ life through the eyes of John’s gospel and David – the highs, lows and what we can learn from the first King of Israel. The theme for 2014 is ‘Community and Church – so much more than a Sunday service – it’s a place to belong!

Following straight on from the Big Issue, Get a Grip is a relaxed time of discussion in small groups with a mug of hot chocolate. It is also a time to respond to what has been said during the Big Issue session and look at how to apply it to life outside of Aquasports. Each of the small groups is led by 2 of the Aquasports team.

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Need To Know…

Consent for those under 18

Young persons under 18 years of age at the start of Aquasports will need the consent of a parent or guardian before bookings will be accepted.


Difficulty affording the cost?

Bursaries are available to help with costs. Please contact us for details:
or call Jo on 020 8542 2593


Important documents

To ensure the safety of all campers and the smooth running of camp, we ask all campers to agree to a basic Code of Conduct, our Terms of Booking and to complete a Health Certificate. These are required before your booking can be finalised. Please read and complete the following:

Early Bird Discount

Please book online to receive your early bird discount

Reserve your place at Aquasports 2020 by booking now.

The cost of Aquasports 2020 is £365. This includes accommodation, food, and access to all the sports. The early bird offer is £50 discount if you book before the 30th April 2020. Places are limited so please reserve your space early by selecting the deposit option or paying the amount in full.

If you have any questions about costs, booking onto Aquasports, or anything else related to the holiday, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!

Early Bird Deposit

  • Pay deposit on or before 30th April to receive your Early Bird discount.
  • Deposits paid on or after 1st June will be on the Standard Full Amount
  • Please use the link in your confirmation email to pay the balance.
  • Balance is due by 1st June

Early Bird Full Price

  • Dates of Aquasports are 2nd to 9th August 2020
  • Your booking will be confirmed by email.
  • Price includes food, accommodation and participation in all activities
  • Pay in full on or before 30th April to receive your Early Bird discount.

Standard Full Price

  • Standard price applies to bookings made on or after 1st May.
  • You will be contacted about 8 weeks before the holiday with more details
  • Don't forget to take a tour of the website to see what is on offer and what exciting things to expect!
  • Bookings close on the 31st July

Why Aquasports is loved

The overall aim of Aquasports is to help young people come to faith in Jesus, but we do like to have  huge fun along the way. Here’s what you say about camp…

In a few words…

… was my sister and her friends said I should go. The things I got out of it was I became a Christian and also It has helped my social skills and sports skills. I am coming back next year because I love being around a large group of Christians and it makes me feel comfortable and lets me see other young adults and stories and why they are there etc, also because of the sports. I enjoyed everything there and I cant wait to go next year !” – Dieter

… I was encouraged to do so by Natalia and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone is so welcoming and on my first year I felt just as involved as everybody else which was really lovely. Aquasports brings people from all around the UK from all different backgrounds together. It makes everyone feel like they belong somewhere and helps a lot of people through the struggles and rough patches they may face throughout the year. Aquasports is one of the highlights of my summer and I look forward to it all year.” – Katie

“All in all, I know this phrase has been repeated a lot but there is no other way of describing Aquasports. Aquasports feels like a family! You can come to camp and be accepted Christian or not. It is just a place for everyone to have fun. At camp, I have got to try sports that many people don’t get the chance to. My friends away from camp have not had the opportunity to try water skiing they have only heard about how amazing it is from me going on about camp. At Aquasports you are given the chance to try these sports along with other land sports like Ultimate Frisbee. There was always something that you could do and the thought “I am bored” had not crossed my mind once!

Not only did I make great friends for life, but also I found Christ. Before Aquasports I would call myself a Christian but I wouldn’t pray, read the Bible or even act like a Christian. I was one of those chameleon Christians, always changing how I act in different scenarios. Both the sermons and the time with my leaders challenged me and what my opinion of being a Christian was and not long after my second year of camp I had prayers answered and decided to give my life properly to Christ. I have been going to Aquasports since 2006 and have been going every year since. I remember my first year well, I was a small lad (not grown much since!) and knew nobody there plus the whole experience of camping was new to me. I went expecting to be distant from people and to keep myself to myself as I would when being in a new environment. But what actually happened was completely different.  In no time I had made new friends and felt welcome by everyone.” – John

Why we run Aquasports

The team and trustees of Aquasports have a longing to see young people passionate about Christ, equipped to follow him with their whole lives rooted in his love.

Aside from all the sports on offer, Aquasports is a great place to meet up with other young people and discover who God is and go deeper in relationship with him. It is an opportunity to find out how Christ can transform our lives and the difference this can make when back home, at school, college, university or work.

The Aquasports teaching programme is non-denominational Bible based teaching including small group discussions which are specifically designed to engage with teenagers and young adults irrespective of social and academic background. The workshop, talks, seminars, small groups discussions and activities are designed to help show the young people that being a Christian is far from dull and boring and about much more than just going to church on a Sunday.