The best Youth Christian Water Sports Holiday on the Planet!

4th to 11th August 2024

AQUASPORTS is a Christian based activities holiday and water sports camp for young people of teenage years. Any young person between 13 to 18 years, of any background and any sporting ability, can come and experience a week of exciting activities – on and off the water.

This amazing holiday offers young people the chance to learn and improve a range of water sports activities in a safe environment, taught by qualified instructors. Aside from all the sports on offer, Aquasports is a great place to meet up with other young people and discover who God is and go deeper in relationship with him. It is an opportunity to find out how Christ can transform our lives and the difference this can make when back home, at school, college, university or work!

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The team and trustees of Aquasports have a longing to see young people passionate about Christ, equipped to follow him with their whole lives rooted in his love.

The Aquasports teaching programme is non-denominational Bible based teaching, including small group discussions which are specifically designed to engage with teenagers and young adults irrespective of social and academic background. The workshops, talks, seminars, small groups discussions and activities are designed to help show the young people that being a Christian is fun and about much more than just going to church on a Sunday and that there are other people out there, their own age, going through similar walks of life to them.


Aquasports 2024

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If you have any questions about costs, being able to afford the holiday, how to book onto Aquasports, or anything else related to the holiday, please do not hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!

We have received some amazing gifts to support young people in attending Aquasports. If you would love your child to attend and are struggling with the cost, or if you know of a young person who would really benefit from coming to this amazing holiday, please do not be shy and get in touch!

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Price includes everything: food, accommodation and participation in all activities.
You will be contacted about 8 weeks before the holiday with more details. Check out our suggested kits list in the mean time.
Bookings close on the 31st July

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Bursaries may be available to help with costs. Please contact us for details and availability: or apply online:

Important documents

To ensure the safety of all campers and the smooth running of camp, we ask all campers to agree to a basic Code of Conduct and our Terms of Booking. Please check these out before booking.