Application for Bursary

The Trustees of Aquasports, at their digression, award bursaries towards the cost of camp to those in financial need. This form is used to apply for a bursary and all applications must be made by someone over 18 years of age, e.g. Parent/Guardian/Youth Leader.

The Trustees will consider all applications. However, they make no guarantee of an award or the amount granted. This year, it is likely that the maximum bursary will be 25% of the cost. Those who have not previously received a bursary will be priority. Bursary applications will be open until 13th May.

Please note that the percentage or amount offered is against the full price of Aquasports and is not applied in conjunction with any other offer or sale.

Please provide as much detail as possible in your application so an informed decision can be made and please insure all sections are complete. Any uncomplete applications will not be considered.

    Relationship to applicant (required):
    Youth LeaderParentGuardianFamily Member (please specify)Family FriendOther please specify

    Application made for:

    Please state in detail the reason for the application (required):

    Please explain what fundraising efforts you have made / will make towards the cost of this holiday? (required)

    Amount requested (our standard bursary is 25% of the full booking fee).

    I confirm that the information given is correct and true

    If you feel you need any additional financial help with the cost of Aquasports, please contact us directly –