Our Code of Conduct

To ensure everone has a great week Aquasports has a code of conduct that we ask all young people to agree to. It is simple and allows camp to run well both youth and leaders to have an enjoyable week and all to remain safe.

We would like you to read it through along with your parent or guardian and agree to it when you book on to Aquasports.

1. All activities in BOLD on the daily programme are compulsory.
2. Canvas:

  • No boys in girl’s tents and visa versa
  • No campers in team tents unless invited
  • No interfering with canvas structure (as it is borrowed)

3. Water:

  • All swimming to be supervised
  • Personal buoyancy equipment to be worn at all times when in and on the water
  • Stay away from the lakes after dark
  • No-one is to be thrown into the water without permission
  • Take care of younger children near the water

4. Social

  • No smoking
  • No drugs
  • No alcohol
  • No interfering with anyone else’s property
  • Enjoy your time at Aquasports

This code has been in operation for many years at Aquasports and has been created to ensure that our community live happily and peacefully together, care for one another’s needs, developing happy relationships and ensure all have a great week.

If the code is broken in any way, then the Aquasports leadership team will take appropriate action and serious misdemeanours will result you being sent home.