All in all, I know this phrase has been repeated a lot but there is no other way of describing Aquasports. Aquasports feels like a family! You can come to camp and be accepted Christian or not. It is just a place for everyone to have fun. At camp, I have got to try sports that many people don’t get the chance to. My friends away from camp have not had the opportunity to try water skiing they have only heard about how amazing it is from me going on about camp. At Aquasports you are given the chance to try these sports along with other land sports like Ultimate Frisbee. There was always something that you could do and the thought “I am bored” had not crossed my mind once!

Not only did I make great friends for life, but also I found Christ. Before Aquasports I would call myself a Christian but I wouldn’t pray, read the Bible or even act like a Christian. I was one of those chameleon Christians, always changing how I act in different scenarios. Both the sermons and the time with my leaders challenged me and what my opinion of being a Christian was and not long after my second year of camp I had prayers answered and decided to give my life properly to Christ. I have been going to Aquasports since 2006 and have been going every year since. I remember my first year well, I was a small lad (not grown much since!) and knew nobody there plus the whole experience of camping was new to me. I went expecting to be distant from people and to keep myself to myself as I would when being in a new environment. But what actually happened was completely different.  In no time I had made new friends and felt welcome by everyone.