Dear Supporters and friends

We want to thank you for all the support that you have given and continue to give to the work of Aquasports.. We have previously asked you to support the project to replace the shower and toilet blocks financially and are very thankful for your gifts. We have also been applying to grant making trusts for funding. We wanted to update you on progress.

We believe in providing the best experience for young people attending our annual Christian water sports residential. This includes learning and improving on a range of water sports activities and discovering who God is and going deeper in relationship with Him. We are committed to providing an environment that is safe, welcoming and where young people can thrive. However, we need to update our toilet and shower facilities to continue this commitment.

As you may know, the toilets and showers are housed in portacabins that we have used since 1982. Every year they are updated and maintained but have reached the stage where they are beyond repair much longer and do not meet the standards which we would hope to provide. Apart from the toilet and shower facilities, all other amenities (tents to sleep in, cooking tent, kitchen equipment and meeting tent) are set up as temporary structures for the eight days. For the rest of the year the toilet and shower block is used to store all the camp and watersports equipment. This is the most cost-effective way to store our assets throughout the rest of the year.

For the last running of the camp, the trustees decided that the facilities were not fully suitable so rented an additional shower block as an interim. The cost of renting the showers for eight days and transporting them to the site was £2,400. If our current provision would no longer work, it would be an annual rental cost of £6,750 increasing our annual expenditure by an additional 80%.

The trustees therefore decided that the best way forward is to purchase a new toilet and shower block. This would also reduce the time and costs spent each year on the maintenance of the facilities, now over 40 years old. The new block will also give more toilets and showers than we currently provide and will enable the provision of modern, efficient and easy-to-clean facilities. We also want to provide enough toilets and showers to improve our safeguarding of young people and volunteers.

The trustees sought the best quote offering the best value for money. The total quote is £75,000. The cost of connecting to the mains is being gifted to us by qualified volunteers from the team.

So far, with your support and some donations from grant making Trusts, we have raised £54,000. With just £21,000 more to raise, we are asking once more if you might be able to contribute towards this project.

We will not move forward with purchasing the new amenities until all the funding is secure but it would be amazing to raise our target in order to have them in place for the summer 2023.

The project will be monitored and evaluated by the trustees. On completion of the project, donors and supporters will be updated by our regular newsletter.

Thank you for your time in considering this need. We would be hugely encouraged if you partnered with us for this project and will  keep you updated on how Aquasports is continuing to change lives and support young people in their Christian faith.

Yours sincerely

Di Baird, Trustee