Dear Supporters and Friends

When we last wrote to you we shared concerns about the cost of Aquasports this year and also asked for you to support Aquasports in promoting it to young people known to you.

Our God is faithful and our provider.

We have had an amazing donation which has allowed us to offer more bursaries than we expected to offer, thus enabling more young people to benefit from the blessing of coming to Aquasports. We have also had a Christian Trust approach us as they would like to support all young people with the cost of Aquasports this year and possibly to provide some regular financial support in the future. We are so amazed by this generosity; praise to God, and thank you to all our supporters.

We have 34 confirmed bookings with a few more in the pipeline. We are looking to have at least 60 campers this year and could take up to 65. However, we are not complacent and so we ask you to continue to promote Aquasports to any young people who you know.

Aquasports provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to benefit from being in a supportive Christian family environment, have access to clear and tailored Bible teaching about the transforming love of Jesus for each individual, make lifelong friends who will support their life journey with God and also learn water sports!

Please continue to support us in prayer, we are very conscious that all our deeds are nothing unless God is centre to all our plans and activities. Please pray for wisdom as we continue to plan for Aquasports 2024, for the team who are preparing to come along and that there will be all the skill sets needed to safely and effectively run the camp, for the new kitchen team, for the campers who have booked to come and that they will be open to the work of God in their lives.

Thank you for standing with us as we seek to glorify our Lord through this work.

Best wishes

Trustees and Leadership of Aquasports.