The main reason behind Aquasports is to help you people discover who God is and go deeper in relationship with him. Throughout each day there are different sections of teaching and space for discussion.


TFTD is a short sharp punchy message at the end of breakfast, shared by a different member of the team each morning. Sometimes this follows the same topic as the evening ‘Big Issue’ sessions, and other times following another specific theme. Examples of previous years’ TFTD themes include the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer and Biblical Superheros.


Optional seminars are held over lunch. Lead by different teams, these sessions are designed to be interactive and an open forum for questions and discussion. The seminars cover a range of different subjects including How to live out life as Christian at School and College, Image and Identity, Relationships, What is true worship? and How to read the Bible.


The evening’s main teaching event; it includes a time of contemporary worship and youth focused talks which follow a theme for the whole week. Examples of themes from previous years include Jesus’ life through the eyes of John’s gospel and David – the highs, lows and what we can learn from the first King of Israel.


Following straight on from the Big Issue, Get a Grip is a relaxed time of discussion in small groups with a mug of hot chocolate. It is also a time to respond to what has been said during the Big Issue session and look at how to apply it to life outside of Aquasports. Each of the small groups is led by 2 of the Aquasports team.