Supporting Aquasports

What Can you Do?

  • Give Regularly – We need regular income in order to guarantee that we will be able to meet our financial obligations. If you feel able to, setting up a direct debit or standing order means that we know how much money we have coming in, and can plan accordingly. Why not have a look at the list on the right of some of the things your money could fund, and then download this form and send it off to your bank, or use the details within the form to set up an online payment. Alternatively, you can give regularly on our BT giving page by clicking the “Give Now” button (this makes it easier for us to reclaim the tax using Gift Aid).
  • Give a One-Off Gift – If you are not able to commit to giving regularly, but feel called to donate to the good work of camp, then please do visit our BT giving page by clicking “Give Now”, where you can make a one-off donation that will really help towards some of the fixed costs we face every year.
  • Join Our Supporters’ Email List – We love that you care about camp, and if you would like to be kept up to date with what’s going on, why not join our mailing list, and you will get periodic updates on the work of Aquasports, as well as any specific needs we may have that you could help out with. Simply fill click on the button to the right.
  • Promote Camp – If you believe as we do that camp is a brilliant thing, then why not tell people about it! Camp can only continue to run if we continue to have campers to run it for, and so why not commit to speaking in your church about Aquasports. You can use the promotional video we have created, and if you get in touch, we can send you some flyers.
  • Pray – This is the big one. Without prayer, Aquasports will fail. We only keep doing what we do because we have the blessing of God, and we continue to receive His favour. If you believe in the work we are doing, please lift the leadership, the team, the campers, and the camp as a whole up to the Lord in your prayers. It is so important to us that we are supported by a group of committed prayer warriors to help make sure that God’s will is done at Aquasports.

Aquasports really needs its dedicated group of supporters in order to be able to function.

Camp is amazing, and seeing young people come to know Jesus is priceless. However, camp does require an awful lot of time, energy and money to continue to run. There are lots of ways you could help out, and the list on the left gives a few ideas to get you started.

If you have a different idea for how the work of camp could be supported, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Money: you can make a real difference
Pray for the team: we really need it









What could your money provide?

  • £10 (<£1 per month) – Could fund a set of Bible reading notes for a camper for a year. This year we are hoping to subscribe all campers to a set of printed and online notes, which will be delivered to their door, serving as a point of contact throughout the year, and hopefully helping them develop some good disciplines in this area.
  • £50 (<£4.50 per month) – Could buy us 2 new buoyancy aids or wetsuits. With safety equipment it is vital that we check the kit every year, and replace any items which fail the tests we carry out. Each year we have to replace a number of buoyancy aids and wetsuits to make sure we have enough for all the campers.
  • £350 (<£30 per month) – Could pay for a young person to come to camp. We have several team who come from less well off areas, where the young people in their congregations wouldn’t be able to afford to pay to come to camp. Your support could give them a bursary place so they can experience the amazing loving family that is Aquasports, and hopefully draw closer to God.
  • £500 (<£42 per month)– Could pay for one of the ski boats to be serviced. We have to keep all our equipment in top running order, and these costs are regardless of the number of campers we have.