We price Aquasports to cover just our running costs for each year’s holiday. As well as the young people who come, team also pay to serve on Aquasports, helping to keep the price as low as possible.

The type of running costs we have include, and are not limited to: insurances; the rent of the lake and paddock; hire of tents, tables, chairs and other equipment; the purchase of food and other consumables (such as toilet paper, cleaning products, etc.); and fuel for boats, gas, electricity, water and sewage removal. A lot of our costs are fixed costs and do not depend on how many attend. We split these fixed costs across all who attend; hence, if we do not reach our minimum required numbers Aquasports runs at a loss.

The graph below shows the proportion of each of these costs against the whole.

For larger purchases, such as cookers, sailing boats, kayaks, boat engines, and last year new cabins, we look to our wonderful Aquasports supporters and their generous gifts. We have seen some amazing blessings over the years, and we are truly thankful.

Running an Adventure Activities Watersports Holiday is not inexpensive and we want all young people to be able to experience this wonderful holiday. To do this have a Bursary Fund and again it is our wonderful supporters who contribute this due to their passion to see Christ touch the lives of young people. We are also grateful to them for their kind donations.

We are always on the look out for new supporters and if this is something you could help with, as a regular giver or perhaps a one of donation, please do check out our supporters page on detail on how to do this.